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Hp photosmart 6510 HOW TO CLEAN PRINTHEAD -⬇️Link In Description⬇️

Printhead CLEANING Kit : https://geni.us/wArXsZT

Hp 564 INK Save $ : https://geni.us/CJHJ
Hp photosmart 6520: https://amzn.to/2KMdJHe

Website: http://bestprinterstech.com

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Some links may be linked to an affiliate marketing account and Best printers may take a small commission for any products you purchase.

Claims made in repair videos are deemed reliable but not guaranteed. Each situation is unique and your printer may not be repairable.

All Links above are resources to either a cleaning kit printer ink or other items/ services that we hope are helpful to you as the consumer. Refer to our website if you cannot find what are looking for here. We wish you the best of luck with your printer repair and product purchase! We hope that you save our website to your browser and use us as a resource for any printer or printer ink purchases!
chip ezzard : This worked perfectly. Thanks!
jhon brayan tombe : Cómo se arma el sistema de tinta es que algo no me funciona ahí las tintas no llegan hasta la orilla derecha
TheTruth76 : Still will not work, HP is crapp
Kelly L : Thanks for sharing this video! My colors are printing but now the black is printing blue and purple. Is that because of the isopropyl alcohol?
Gina Clark : This worked great for me. I used an eye dropper to dispense the alcohol.
Fran Whiteman : where do i find you on amazon?
Best Printers : Use This Cleaning Kit For better Results: https://geni.us/wArXsZTHp
564 INK Save $ : https://geni.us/CJHJ
Website: http://bestprinterstech.com
Imran Khan : Nice video mate, I have the same exact model, cleaned the ink tray but still not printing black, this is really bugging me and not working

Repair black ink problem HP 6510 or 6515 printer

How to repair the black ink problem with a HP 6510 printer. Also apply for 6515 and maybe others. Read below!

This is a guide that worked fine for myself. If you are following my advice; know you do this on YOUR OWN RISK. I cannot be held responsible for any damage which may occur.

There is a possibility that not all 6510 printers are the same. Users reported that one of the gear axis was mounted into the frame, and the gears and pump could not easily be removed as shown in my video. Take care! it cannot be said enough, first LOOK very carefully before removing ANY part. And be creative. You don't have to follow my steps exactly. Simply knowing that the tube is filled with clogged ink is the most important thing you should learn from my video. Good luck and thanks for watching.
Jehad Al Yousef _ MD : Dear Marcel,
You are the best of the best.
God bless you and sincerely thank you.
Ed Talarico : Thank you so much for this video! I used this video 2 and a half years ago and it worked great, the printer was printing perfectly again. Now 2 and a half years later i had the same problem with the printer and I used your video again and again my printer is printing perfectly. You did an excellent job with your video and instructions and I thank you very much for what you have given all of us on You Tube!!
Allen B : Thank you so much! Another printer saved from the dump and another happy person able to print again!
Beverley Denny : T
david wilson : Video helped a lot. My hands are all black but the printer prints black again. Had to clean out all the black and clear tubes associated with black ink including the plastic connector tubes on the reservoir under the little pad that comes out and stuck a pin through it(the reservoir tray is on a spring loaded mechanism that slides up and down, back and forth, and back to front so be careful to see how all parts are attached if you take this out) , cleaned the white plastic bracket that all the rubber tubes connect to with a pin as well, took the pump apart and left the left side guts in the pump housing which are associated with colored ink, the right side I took the tubes out making sure to see how clear tube is wrapped around shaft.I did all of the above because cleaning the printer heads did not fix problem at first, even though they definitely needed cleaning. Crazy amount of work, and crazy this is how printers and everything else these days are designed with points of failure that most people would throw it out and buy a new one every 2-3 years. This is not sustainable to have to throw out a perfectly good printer because the tubes clog up and most people can't and should not have to deal with.
Karen Esdale : Thankyou for this video, it saved my printer. I was not too keen to pull the pump apart so I applied the syringe to the little nozzle on the head clean base a couple of times and it worked - printer now printing perfectly.
seawolfvic : This is a great video and I tried very hard to fix my printer, but my flat tubes group was badly clogged and even as i tried to reassemble the printer I damaged the electronics. The printer never came back on. So my hands are full of ink for nothing. Very frustrating.
Łukasz Siepka : Great work! Thank you very much! It works!
ObiJuan Kenobi : Did the OOBE reset.....printer turned off and will not power on now. AWESOME!!!!!!!
Siobhan Doyle : Fantastic! Thank you. I didn't have blocked tubes, but I think a mouse had chewed a hole in one of the tubes. Luckily very near the end of the tube, so I had just enough slack to repair. Saved me a trip to the repair shop.

HP Photosmart 6510 Instructional Video

This video will show you how to replace the HP Photosmart 6510 ink cartridges.
Jesse Hernandez : Is there a video to clean the printer head,




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