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Refill Canon PG-810/810XL inkjet Cartridge

A smart design was born of "Auto-Convection Refill System"

can be refill full, auto-stop, no messy hand, no ink overflows, no filling half full, no trapped air, no dripping ink (no leak)
Muhammad Hafiz : Not working idiot China!
Bae Tayong : sir paanu pu kung bibili pu ako ng cartridge ng empty pwede ku pu ba ung refill .
PeiJing Yap : Where can buy the rubber?
Catherine Brasier : If it still reads empty hold the red and black (stop reset button) till it stops...this can take 20 seconds. The printer is responding to a small electronic patch that counts how many pages you have printed and triggers an empty message after a certain amount.
Pradeep K : You can also drill from the centre of the cartridge as shown in the beginning of the video. Then refill the cartridge & put the sticker back on it. Then you do need to place any cap on the hole. I used inkclub brand ink from snapdeal & it is working fine. Press top/reset button for 10 seconds to reset the cartridges.
li woo : i putin pen ink instead of canon ink and it's working but with some fuzzy areas in the paper.#crimea
Sanity Sebastian : it doesn't recognized the refilled cartridge =_=
Chirag Patel : Keep stop/reset button pressed for 10 seconds and then try print/photocopy.
Indra Subekti : Press the reset button 5 second when the printer is on and conected to your PC
RATHOD RAJVEER : where to get that knowb(budd)...

Refill Canon PG-810/810XL inkjet Cartridge - Ink Refill Instructions

Visit for more how-to-do Ink Refill Videos
pb_ akk. : He wants to show that there was no hole under a sticker
Divyansh Gupta : Can anyone please explain to me why he pulled off that sticker?
itsmeadrian1234 : English version please..

How to refill Canon PG-810, PG-810XL Inkjet Cartridge - Auto-Refill System

Refill House-填充小站-噴墨印表機-墨水-連供-改機-連續供墨-解碼-修復-填充專家 :




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